Developed by renowned dermatologist Dr.Lawrence Samuels MD for his celebrity patients

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Powered by the cutting edge PharmaAdvance Technology, Celeb Cream is an all-in-one anti-aging complex infused with sophisticated blends of the most effective patented peptides clinically proven to reduce appearance of wrinkles.
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Meet the team behind the cream

Dr. Lawrence E. Samuels MD is the chief of dermatology at St. Luke's Hospital in St. Louis and a widely respected leader in his medical field has been developing anti-aging and skin care products for more than three decades.

"After years of research we've identified several peptide combinations which are reducing the appearance of wrinkles. I'm at last privileged to implement the PharmaAdvance technology as a very powerful engine behind Celeb Cream efficacy. Truly an anti-aging breakthrough!"

Dreaming of younger looking skin?
Celeb cream is recommendered by 97% of the women* *

Loving this!
By Heather on June 07, 2015

I am sold on this product forever now. I live in a hot, dry desert climate and I really enjoy the thick, creamy consistency of the Celeb Cream. It plumps up my skin, deeply hydrates it and then some. Just after a few days & nights of use, my Mom asked me if I had gone to a spa for a facial. While it is thick and creamy in consistency, it doesn't sit on top of your skin, it actually penetrates your skin quickly. I am a total magpie in that I love sparkly, shiny objects...and was beyond stoked about the packaging. It is shiny, very attractively packaged as well. It is not a product you will want to hide at the back of the bathroom cabinet! The only reason you may want to hide it, is because your afraid friends/family may want to steal it. A little bit goes a long way with this product too, so cost vs the amount you get is a fantastic bargain. While I did receive this product at a discount for a honest review, I am giving you my honest opinion. If it was a sub par product, I would definitely say so. I have absolutely no complaints about this hard working cream. It hasn't irritated my sensitive skin, or inflamed my acne spots either. In the short time I have been testing this product, it has noticeably diminished the look of my fine likes aka laugh lines. I wish I would have taken a before/after photo to share.

I found the Golden Ticket to beautiful skin
By Lisa Bossler on June 14, 2016

I have searched far and wide and for any price to slow down the aging process! I'm happy to say my search ends here with this beautiful little pot of gold. Lines under my eyes and around my lips are barely noticeable now. Just ordered my second of many.

Under Eye Bags From Insomnia And Stress Are Disappearing With The Celeb Cream!
By Whittnee on June 7, 2015

You would think at 24 I wouldn't really need a product like this yet but unfortunately wrinkles and fine lines run in my family; having insomnia also does no good to my skin or face. I have bags under my eyes,dark circles,fine lines, and signs of wrinkles on my face and while I've tried a lot of products not very many help or last.

I do have to be honest and say that I was drawn into this Celeb Cream because of the picture I mean come on it looks high quality just from the picture alone. Now that I have the Celeb Cream and I've tried it I am so glad that the picture did draw me in as much as it did because it's an amazing product! It does have a light scent to it,not a bad one at that. It absorbs very well and quick. It doesn't leave my skin feeling weird or greasy/sticky.

However, it does make my skin feel super smooth and refreshed. My under eye bags are disappearing before my eyes which says a lot right now since I've been under a lot of stress and clearly not sleeping enough. My fine lines are almost completely gone. Also my neck feels and looks a lot tighter and smoother than before! I love this product and would definitely recommend!

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is a cell-communicating peptide complex with the ability to smooth wrinkles and provide firming benefits to aging skin. In fact, research shows that this peptide provides a dramatic reduction in the appearance of depth, surface area, and volume of wrinkles. Combined with Ceramide 2, which strengthens the skin barrier, this is one of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients of the 21st century.

Matrixyl 3000

is a combination of tripeptide and tentrapeptide, making it doubly effective at fighting aging, while remaining gentle to the skin. In addition to having anti-inflammatory properties, it provides similar benefits to Retinol, without irritating side effects. Clinically proven to provide anti-aging effects, Matrixyl 3000 increases collagen synthesis. An improvement in skin clarity and elasticity are achieved with this ingredient.

Hyaluronic acid

Not actually an acid, this ingredient is produced naturally within the human body and can hold 1000 times its weight in water, making it the ideal ingredient for giving a skin plumping appearance. It works effectively in this cream to help skin retain moisture.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

A potent antioxidant proven to help fight free radical damage


helps to reduce the appearance of frown lines and furrows between the eyebrows, while stimulating the growth of collagen.


Over the past 3 decades Dr. Samuels have treated many Celebrities with his award-winning skincare products and Celeb Cream is adored by many preeminent Celebrities worldwide. But that’s not why we called it Celeb Cream. A loving mam, an ambitious professional, a volunteer at a local pet shelter and a gorgeous chic… Different identities and just one person – you. Celeb Cream is an admiration of your inner beauty. Indulge yourself, you deserve it! The real Celebrity is – YOU.


We figured so. With every order of Celeb Cream we will send you a free gift. No strings attached, never an auto charge, these gifts are yours to enjoy.

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